Night Tremors of the Sleeping Giant, part 1

Scratches on the surface of the variety of influences on Chinese culture and identity. Internal, adjacent, tangential.

Text is taken from the description of one video of a Tibetan woman singing in competition on TV in China:

To win a medal at the National Singing Contest, the following criteria should be met.
1. The singing technique should be excellent.
2. The singing performance should be affecting. That is, if the singer sings a love (or sorrowful) song, the audience should feel that their hearts are full of love (or sorrow).
3. The singer should be the best singer (or at least one of the best singers) among all those who can use the same singing technique in the world.
4. Since this National Singing Contest is not for a single ethnic group, but for all Chinese ethnic groups, so the singer should show the most beautiful part of her ethnic culture during her performance. And the audience should be shocked by the beauty of her ethnic culture.

Nationalism is a strange beast.

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