Double-Take Image - 24 Stories of Filial Piety

7. Filial Piety of Yen Tzu (1122 B.C.)

Yen Tzu's parents are old and have eye trouble. The doctor recommends treating them with deer milk. Yen Tzu wears the fur of a fawn to assume the form of a child of a deer. In this way he really gets some milk. His parent's eyes feel better. He has to get more again. Once he meets a hunter who mistakes him as a real fawn and is about to shoot him. He cries loudly and tells the hunter the truth and so is saved.

Nothing cannot be gotten by a son with filial piety. Readers will find some more examples in this small booklet. It is not that those good sons really possess supernatural powers but that they are always helped by the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gods, and All Protectors.

His parents do like to drink the milk of deer,
They do not know the price of it's dear.
He must wear the fur of fawn,
Almost is killed by the hunter with fear.

Text taken from the Website of Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen. It's worth looking around the site if you're interested in other realms.

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