New Year Garden Window

Use cyan-red (rather than green-red) glasses and click the right-hand image to get a closer view of the 4th dimension.

Shikishi board, Art paper, Anaglyph Lattice Art with Colored Pencil, Paper and Cellophane Glasses with Seaweed, Braided String
Made for the JACCC Doizaki Gallery.


Animation Against Naturalist Writers' Block!

Collage fashion show I made about a month ago. Still can't get some of the effects to upload well, but.

Agent P

Muzik: Oi Va Voi vs. Taraf de Haidouks


Returneth Thy Vomit to the Earth

"Sure, of course you can post a description of the vomit experience...The trailer one was a different time (I was alone)- when both Neba and I succumbed to heat exhaustion we were hiking in Big Sur...leaning over the trail puking with the redwoods..."

This is research for a painting, titled "There Tapped a Deeper Root" for E.S.C.M.N. Colt, regarding Trials and Redemption and earth, which heals all. Two images above were found on a wonderful site about whippets in art history.

Take Heed: If you Must, Do It Out-of-Doors!