Wanting to Know More

...about Fado. Especially about this singer.


Olaf Mary said...

are you aware of the recent film (2007), "Fados"? I have not seen it, but it is, by its own description, an "exploration of the heritage of fado music." Documentary. Features musical performance. Filmmaker: Carlos Saura. maybe a good place to start...

pele said...

Ooo, thank you for the tip. I have yet to watch his flamenco movies either -they look sooo dramatic.
I'm addicted to this singer, and I like her voice better than Amália's, because it seems more androgynous to me, especially in this song (so far my all time favorite Fado recording) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBAZwFKzv0k&NR=1
She sounds very young in it.
I have an "androgynous voices" mix in mind. Hope I can pull it off.