Finished: Tang Ao's Fart & The White Gibbon Manuscript

[There] appeared a white gibbon with red eyes and red spots all over its fur, which stood two feet tall, and was holding some rock fungus in its hands.
'Look,' said Old Tuo. 'That must be a magic plant the gibbon is holding. Why don't we try to get it from him?'
He chased the gibbon down the road back, and Tang Ao followed. Soon, the gibbon disappeared into a cave, Tang Ao crawled in after it, and discovered that it was a very shallow one. Without much difficulty, he grabbed the gibbon and took the fungus from its hands and gave it to Old Tuo, who devoured it with great relish."

I think I can continue on this series forever, new compositions and reworkings. Especially at this pace...

all images © 2009 Paula Peng

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antonabadzhiev said...

You know you created a subworld in which every blade of grass and each step and gesture has its own time - past,future, and laws of dynamics to work for, and everyone has to live with it, and I have got to.