2.5 Horas Art Challenge, Assignment Exchange

At approx 20:32 on Sunday, November 9, 2008, Señor Oliveras delivered upon me the task of Creation for some kind of dubious "zine" he's in charge of. Nevertheless, the prompts given titillated in my memory a reference to the Erya, and I embarked at once upon the race to the 11pm deadline. I also caused him to make something for my own purposes, by way of reciprocation. I would perhaps be proud of the result posted here, but due to constraints of time and Photoshop not having any free Chinese fonts for Mac...I didn't have time to do real handiwork to give it balance. Let the critique begin!

Oh, and some haunting Albanian poliphony. I love the track Qerpiku.


Quill said...

That's harsh on the flying squirrel, man. They're cool though, right?

This picture is remarkably similar to a tattoo that I've been imagining for myself. Although I hadn't thought of the squirrel aspect, maybe now... Dig it.

pele said...

Sugar gliders are süper cool. Any animal sporting in clouds and mists...And five talents, however mediocre, are a goodly amount. I reconcile my conscience with such logic when considering my own life. Case in point: I stole most of the picture from 郎世寧, or Jesuit painter to the Qing court, Giuseppe Castiglione! His stuff would make for stunning body art.

Anonymous said...

Mint julip equinox + royal cümbüs jamtime = flying mocha moksha, okay.
I can relate to said squirrel. Olivares is plural 4 olive groves.
you are invited to draw friday.

Scott said...

Being perfect at being less than perfect, yet gliding through the mist.

pele said...

有道理! It's exactly as you said.