Double Portions Rice

Rice Carving

This “double portions” playlist series, served in several courses on this post in the near future, includes the following essential ingredients from my sonic countertop:

1. Endless songs that have a complex blend of ecstatic boredom and mellow concentration which can enhance the flavor of daily routine if allowed to marinate in the consciousness.

2. Balkan, Mediterranean and Asian traditional spices and modern interpretations of them.

3. Androgynous voices and diddling

4. And pairs or echoes of songs, song “doubles” and songs sandwiched within another song of similar melody.

First Serving:
~Sekar Gaduang Naik Cikaoo (Jemblung, From Banyumas, Central Java) 8:33 Grup Jemblung Sari Budaya 14: Lomkok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: Little-Known Forms Of Gamelan And Wayang
~Lamma Bada 4:12 Radio Tarifa Rumba Argelina
~Lamma Badah 3:17 Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles La Mar Enfortuna
~Pencereden Kar Geliyor 5:34 Erkan Oğur
~Penceresi Yola Karsi 4:20 Selim Sesler Brenna Mac Crimmon Karsilamalar
&Karamicko oro 3:42 Boban Markovic Orkestar Srce Cigansko

Second Serving:
~Graovsko 6:57 Bodurov Trio Stamps from Bulgaria
~Graovsko - Gergana 2:36 Demko Kurtov's Zurna Group
~khon roi et 3:52 khwanchai phetroiet chot mai pen man
~Louisa Tounsia /Ya Ourda 2:45 TheSecretMuseumOfMankind: Music Of North Africa
~turtles 1:39 C. Saint-Saens/Ogden Nash Mix from charley
~13 Verkvlisse Tsikhe 1:11 Idjassi Songs and Music of Georgia
& Verkvlisse Tsikhe 1:17 Aurelia Shrenker aurelia panduri songs
~mumtaz mahal 13:02 kudsi erguner taj mahal
~Special ne prishtin 3:31 Bekim Kumanova

(A liner note about Khon Roi Et, courtesy of Mr. Tarukachon
"he's talking about how this roi et girl used to love him, now she's loving someone else

he says something like if his life is a ring, then khon roi et is the diamond

and someone jacked his diamond; ...he keeps using metaphors like these

...i could be wrong")

Rice Painting

Also, related to these ingredients: The Mythic Realm of S.K. Thoth


Scott said...

Wow, Thoth has really gotten a lot better. I used to see him in San Francisco a lot.
Have you seen Tanya Tagaq?

pele said...

Thanks, Scott. I recognize some of those sounds from her collaborations with Bjork but I didn't realize she was making her own records. The human voice is a pretty incredible instrument.