hot house train

Having recently seen and relished Werner Herzog’s new film, Beyond the Edge of the Earth, and also rode the Getty tram with Sara in order to catch a lecture about plants in Yuanming Yuan, I dreamt last night that we were exploring an alien landscape by train. Gliding by our window were strange varieties of colorful plants which appeared magnified as giants. It was a bright desert terrain, yet host to luscious and tender “trees” – most of them heavy with flowers, and floating rootless above the sand. This dream may also be influenced by reading a translation of “Flowers in the Mirror” by Li Ruzhen, in which curious islands are visited on a sea voyage. I can’t get enough of stories about island voyages. I wish I could do all my medium-distance travel by canoe or kayak. The sensation of passing land with swift and easy motion is real freedom. To marvel at, but pass by, unattached.


ß&dragon said...

I just read in a folklore book, the ghost tale of the vanishing hitchhiker, a specific account recorded in Berkeley in the 1930's, when there used to be street cars all over Berkeley, & indeed, there was one passing up my street Ashby Ave.

Have you seen the Darjeeling Limited, dear? Alien landscapes, indeed, on earth. My dreams are full of eccentric architecture & topography. At one point in DJ, the train gets lost.

Was Werner there?

Ghost Canoe said...

Oooh lets go on a train-travel-trip.